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Editorial from March/April Issue

20 Mar 2017 11:59 AM | Bill Miranda (Administrator)

City Council Appointment

A funny thing happened on my way to retirement. I got a new job on the City Council. Whaaat? Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. I am officially a politician. Of course I prefer to continue to be known as a Community Leader fighting for the rights of ALL citizens and a voice for the downtrodden, under-represented little people.

How did it happen? First of all, blame Dante Acosta who had the gall to run for the state assembly (vacating his council seat) and the talent to whip his opponent, despite her many thousands of dollars spent fruitlessly in campaign ads. Then you can blame the City Council for having the tenacity to want to save our citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars by making an appointment instead of having a needless election. And finally, you can blame my wife Virginia, who when I asked her if I should apply said, “Yes!!!” And as she walked away from me whispered to herself, “Anything to get you out of the house!”

It was thus that on January 18th, facing off against 40 other candidates (some very distinguished, some fairly new to community activism and some old retreads from past lost campaigns), that the City Council honored me with the appointment to the City Council seat vacated by Dante Acosta. His are big shoes to fill, rumor has it he’s a size 14, but I will do my best to do my duty for God, Country and Santa Clarita.

What Just Happened at the SCV Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber held its 2017 Installation Gala on January 27th at the Hya … oh, wait, what? … the Tournament Players Club. The outgoing chair, a white dude … oh, wait … he’s black, passed his baton onto the incoming chair, a straight dude … oh, wait … he’s openly gay! Could it be the Chamber has finally joined the 21st century and totally embraced diversity? I’m thrilled and the Chamber gets my SALUTE for a job well done.


February must be non-profits month. The Child and Family Center held their big event at their facility and hopefully raised lots of money. I’m sending kudos to Joan Aschoff, CEO who runs a great organization and for getting our newly elected County Supervisor, Kathryn Barger to attend. The Canyon Theatre Guild knocked it out of the park at their annual Gala. It was really a … wait for it … show stopper!  Single Mothers Outreach, not to be outdone, held their event at Savia in Newhall and showcased six honorees and six artists. Those are twelve of the most beautiful women you will ever know. And then there was the biggest event of all. The Senior Center held its annual Celebrity Waiter event and raised a bizzilion bucks while providing a forum for our most elite citizenry to go bonkers … in a good way of course. Seniors Rock!

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